Can anyone join GW Bands?

Yes, anyone, regardless of skill level can join GW Bands.

What ensembles are part of GW Bands?

Symphonic Band is open to anyone no matter their skill level. We rehearse twice a week and play two concerts: one in the spring and one in the fall. 

Wind Ensemble is an audition based group. We also rehearse twice a week and perform once in the fall and once in the spring as well.

Colonial Brass is the university pep band. It is open to anyone, as long as they play in another performance group at GW. This can be any group from the Symphonic band, to the Orchestra, to the University Singers. We perform at both men's and women's basketball home games and travel with them to tournaments!!!

Do you need to audition for GW Bands?

Yes, every member must audition. However, auditioning is only for chair placement and placement in the Wind Ensemble. Everyone, regardless of skill level, is welcome to join Symphonic Band and Colonial Brass.

When do we rehearse?

We typically rehearse twice a week during the evenings on Tuesdays and Thursdays

Is everyone in GW Bands music major or minor?

No. A wide variety of backgrounds and schools are represented in GW University Bands. All majors are welcome. However, the class for GW University Bands (MUS 1083) can count for 3 credits  towards the music major or minor over 3 semesters.

Is Colonial Brass only for brass players?

No. Colonial Brass is open to almost all band instruments. We have all sorts of instruments from drummers to saxophone players. In fact, in recent years our flute and clarinet section has grown greatly.

Are there any scholarships available?

Yes. The awards are for Colonial Brass members only and range from $500 to $2000 per semester based on seniority.

How big is GW Bands?

The Symphonic Band has roughly 70 members and is continually growing. Wind Ensemble has around 40 members. Colonial Brass has approximately 50 members and is always looking to add enthusiastic players.

Do I need to register for the GW Bands Class (MUS 1083)?

Yes. All members of the Symphonic Band and/or the Wind Ensemble must register for the class. Registration is how the University tracks participation in ensembles. For students who are not music majors or minors, the class may be taken for 1 credit with no fee or for 0 credits with an $85 fee. See the Teaching Assistant or Officers to register for MUS 1083.

What is our attendance policy?

Successful participation in GW University Bands is dependent on showing up. As such, attendance is monitored by the Secretary. Students with class conflicts may still join.

Why do we have elected officers for a university class?

GW University Bands is both a class and a student organization. Some aspects of the Bands are defined by their academic origins (concert attendance, practicing, etc.), while others are more student organization-oriented (band outings, “bandquet”, socials, etc.).  The officers serve as a source of feedback for decisions made by the director and TA.

What are band dues?

Each band member must pay $20 per year to the Treasurer. This cost covers instrument rentals, social events, bandquet, and other expenses.

Are instrument lockers available?

Yes, we have lockers available for a fee.

How can I rent a school instrument?

See the officers about instrument rental. The cost is included in the $20 band dues.

Where can I buy reeds, oil, etc.?

The band office usually has these items. Please see an officers during their office hours or before band.

Where can I talk to a band officer?

TAs and band officers hold two office hours per week. The schedule of office hours is posted on the door to the band office, B-113 and under the Officers tab of this website.

Do I have access to practice rooms?

Everyone registered for MUS 1083 will have access to the practice rooms.

As a member of Colonial Brass, do I have to play away games or over winter break and spring break?

All Colonial Brass members are required to play home games for men’s and women’s basketball if they do not have a class conflict. There are no requirements over winter break, but you may feel free to join our alumni band (GWU Band Alumni and Friends) at select winter break games. We do not play regular season away games. 

Only away tournaments are required, i.e. the Atlantic-10 and NCAA tournaments. Spring Break often falls around the time of the tournaments, but you will be excused from classes for tournament travel and performance. All Colonial Brass members are required to play in the NCAA tournament regardless of Spring Break plans, provided that both teams make the tournament. Do not make Spring Break plans that are not flexible! 

How can I contact GW Bands?

The band office phone number is (202) 994-9041 and our email is band@gwu.edu. Emails are generally responded to within 24 hours. The band office is B-113 and can be visited during the office hours posted on the door. We are also on Facebook as “George Washington University Bands” and our Twitter handle is @GWBAND. We also have recently joined Snapchat at GW_Bands.