Welcome to the GW Student Association!

Welcome to our new website! We are the Student Association (SA), GW’s primary governing and advocacy body for all students at GW. We are a group of committed, passionate Colonials united by the mission to contribute to an even better GW.

The SA has three branches, each with unique responsibilities:

Legislative: Led by Executive Vice President Thomas Falcigno, the SA Senate is comprised of 38 undergraduate and graduate Senators, representing every college within the university’s academic structure. Senators are divided into three committees: Academic Affairs, Finance, and Student Life. Their major responsibilities include advocating on current issues and appropriating funding to more than 400 student organizations.

Executive: Led by President Erika Feinman, the SA Executive Cabinet’s responsibility is to represent and advocate on behalf of targeted student interests and campus-wide initiatives.

Judicial: The smallest of the three branches, the Student Court has the jurisdiction to adjudicate disputes and determine constitutionality of issues between parties within the SA, the Joint Elections Committee, funding disputes among registered student organizations, and any cases or controversies not specifically outlined in the SA Constitution.

This upcoming year, we are focused on improving campus-wide safety, increasing access to physical and mental health services, and revamping university programs such as 4-Ride. We also see our role as a channel to a larger conversation, whether in bringing up current issues with administrators or leading the national movement for It’s On Us. So let us know how we can help you!

Feel free to take a look around, check out our FAQs, or shoot us an email at gwsa@gwu.edu.

Raise High!