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GW Listens is a student-run support network. We're here if you need help or want to talk

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Designed by students, run by students, built for students.
Mental health is just as important as physical health. In that spirit, and with the knowledge that many of us struggle in college, we decided to create a platform for you to speak with student volunteers who are here to help, listen to, and support you. Read more about us.

We are not available until late August, after Summer break.


We are here if you need someone to talk to. All of our conversations will forever be anonymous.

Call us at (202) 242-8255
Text us at (202) 517-2926
Message us online

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Read an affordability snapshot: the 18th credit

We’re excited to share progress on our year-long initiative to expand the credit limit. Read the report!

Promoting the welfare of all students at GW.

The mission of the George Washington University Student Association is to further the interests and promote the welfare of all students at GW. Our responsibilities are defined in four ways: to advocate, allocate, advertise, and assist.

Student Association Executive cabinet logo

SA Executive Cabinet.

Led by President Peak Sen Chua, the Executive Cabinet is made up of Vice Presidents and Directors. They represent and advocate on behalf of student interests and campus-wide initiatives to move our University forward. Peak hosts office hours on Mondays from 6:30 to 8:30p, register for a 15 minute chat. Learn more about the Executive.

Student Association Senate logo

SA Senate.

Chaired by Executive Vice President Sydney Nelson, the SA Senate is composed of 17 undergraduate and 19 graduate student senators. Senators draft bills and resolutions, allocate money to student organizations, and work on policy projects. Sydney hosts office hours on Mondays from 6:30 to 8:30p, register for a 15 minute chat. Learn more about the Senate or view the Senate calendar.

Advocate for students.

We are first and foremost committed to representing the entire undergraduate and graduate population's interests, whether working directly with the administration for progress like more accessible mental health resources, free use textbooks, or fall breaks.

Allocate funds to organizations.

We work to ensure student organizations have funding for their programming and operations. The Senate Finance committee is responsible for distributing over $1.7 million to over 500 student organizations on campus. Learn about how your organization can apply for a co-sponsorship.

Advertise campus events.

Every GW student is a member of the Student Association — our network reaches all of GW's more than 25,000 students. We are positioned to support student organizations by advertising and promoting programing and efforts. Submit our events form if you want us to share your event on our social media or read more about our free printing for student organizations.

Assist students and organizations.

We are students too — students who care about helping you have the best GW experience possible. Check out our resources for Colonials like our Student Organization Resource Center, our peer support program GW Listens, and our petition platform GW Voice.