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2017-18 legislative session

President Peak Sen Chua and Executive Vice President Sydney Nelson presiding.

List of legislation
Bill or resolution title Description Status
SR-S18-30: I Am the Senate A resolution to thank and commend Executive Vice President Sydney Nelson for her years of service and dedication to the GW student community. Approved
SB-S18-29: The Allocation Cap Act A bill to amend the bylaws for allocations distributed by the Student Association to Umbrella organizations to be strictly limited to a maximum amount of $150,000. Failed in the full Senate
SR-S18-27: We Say McNo A resolution to rebuke President LeBlanc’s ignorance of student input in University affairs and support meaningful collaboration between students and administrators of the George Washington University. Approved
SB-S18-26: The SA Budget for Fiscal Year 2019 A bill to allocate student body funds for Fiscal Year 2019. Introduced to committee
SR-S18-25: Condemnation of Antisemitism Act A resolution to condemn the alleged antisemitic statements and actions of a member of a George Washington University Student Association Senate. Approved
SR-S18-24: This is Devan Cole, Signing Off A resolution to thank Devan Cole for his superb and dedicated work to the Student Association. Approved
SB-S18-23: Diversity and Inclusion Assembly A bill to create and institutionalize a Diversity and Inclusion Assembly within the Student Association. Awaiting presidential signature or veto
SB-S18-22: Supporting Sustainability Act A bill to amend the bylaws in order to require to approval of the Vice President for Sustainability through the Senate Student Life committee. Awaiting presidential signature or veto
SR-S18-21: The Protection of Palestinian Human Rights Act A resolution to support the divestment of all of the investments in the George Washington University’s endowment profiting from violation of international law and human rights affecting Palestinians, but also other communities globally, specifically The Boeing Company, Lockheed Martin, Elbit Systems Ltd., Caterpillar Inc., CEMEX, General Electric, Northrop Grumman Corporation, The Raytheon Company, Motorola Solutions, Inc. pursuant to the University’s mission statement and core values as an institution. Approved
SR-S18-20: The Student Health Services Improvement Act A resolution to recognize the latest Colonial Health Center (CHC) reforms and to call on the University to continue its investment into the CHC, providing continued and improved funding for reforms that will further reduce barriers to student health insurance access, streamline CHC processes, and allow the CHC to provide better quality care. Approved
SB-S18-19: The Appeals Process Improvement Act A bill to ensure the Allocations and Appeals Committee is able to meet in the absence of the Chairperson Pro Tempore and to amend the appeals process to ensure it can conclude within the current Senate’s term. Awaiting presidential signature or veto
SR-S18-18: Graduate Worker Unionization Support Act A resolution to call on the George Washington University administration to recognize graduate student workers as university employees and agree to certify an impartial third party election to determine whether GW Graduate Students United and SEIU Local 500 can represent the university’s graduate student workers in a collective bargaining process. Approved
SR-S18-17: The Graduate Academic Advising Act A resolution to request improved accessibility and expanded services for graduate student academic advising. Approved
SR-S18-16: The Student Health Prioritization Act A resolution to call on the University to prioritize increased funding and improved quality of the Colonial Health Center and of all associated student health services. Tabled in committee
SB-S18-15: First Year Voting Representation Amendment Act A bill to call a referendum to amend the Constitution of the Student Association to allow freshman and first year graduate senators the right to vote after their first semester of university enrollment. Awaiting presidential signature or veto
SB-S18-14: The Malik Measure A bill to call a referendum to put a question to the student body to create a Vice President for Sustainability within the Student Association Constitution. Awaiting presidential signature or veto
SR-S18-13: The Free 18th Credit Act A resolution to call a referendum to put a question to the student body concerning making an 18th credit available to all undergraduate students each semester under the fixed tuition rate. Approved
SB-S18-12: The Wu Accords A bill to clarify the sentencing portion of the Level 600 Bylaws to better inform potential candidates in student body elections. Signed into law
SB-S18-11: Online and Off-Campus Student Engagement Act A bill to modernize Student Association Senate meetings and to encourage online and off-campus student participation. Awaiting presidential signature or veto
SB-S18-10: Duties and Responsibilities Act A bill to outline the duties and responsibilities of Senators. Signed into law
SB-S18-09: Referendum Fair Language Act of 2018 A bill to ensure that referendum language is fair and petitions are properly evaluated. Failed in the full Senate
SB-S18-08: Wetmore Amendments A bill to clarify the filling of a vacancy within the position of Election Commissioner and correct language of the Elections Reform Act of 2017. Signed into law
SR-S18-07: Alpha Phi Bigotry Act A resolution to call on the University to remove Iota Iota chapter of Alpha Phi International Fraternity on campus and prioritize diversity and inclusion initiatives. Approved
SR-S18-06: Food Insecurity Prioritization Act A resolution to call on the University to prioritize the issue of food insecurity on campus, recognize existing community initiatives, and support student advocacy efforts. Approved
SB-F17-05: Elections Reform Act of 2017 A bill to reform the charter of the Joint Elections Committee in order to improve student body elections. Signed into law
SR-F17-04: Inauguration Spending Act A resolution asking President LeBlanc and the GW administration to utilize University funds in more prudent and productive ways. Approved
SB-F17-03: JEC Charter Reform Act of 2017 A bill to create a special committee to identify bylaws of the Joint Elections Committee Charter that gave rise to problems in the 2017 SA election process and propose a bill to reform those bylaws. Signed into law
SB-F17-02: Governance and Nominations Committee Amendment A bill to establish the Governance and Nominations Committee. Signed into law
SR-F17-01: Supporting Survivors Act A resolution calling for the University to better support survivors while acknowledging the University’s new Title IX hires and internal review of procedures in the midst of a federal investigation by the Office of Civil Rights of the Department of Education. Approved