The Student Court

The Student Court settles all disputes between parties within the Student Association. It is comprised of five judges appointed by the SA President and approved by the Senate, two of whom must be undergraduate students, and two of whom must be graduate students. Previous rulings can be found here.

The Student Court has the jurisdiction to adjudicate the following:

  • Disputes between parties within the Student Association regarding the constitutionality of any action or inaction by the Student Association or any of its respective parts.

  • All appeals of decisions by the Joint Elections Committee (JEC) from participants in the Student Association and Program Board elections administered by the JEC.

  • Cases and controversies not otherwise specifically provided for by the SA Constitution, provided that the parties involved agree to submit to the jurisdiction of the Court and provided that the Court shall assert such jurisdiction pursuant to the processes set out in the Student Court Bylaws.

  • Any and all funding disputes among or between registered student organizations receiving Student Association monies.