Executive Vice-President

Thomas Falcigno is the Executive Vice President (EVP) of the Student Association. Thomas is a senior double-majoring in Journalism & Mass Communications and Political Science with a minor in History in the School of Media and Public Affairs. He is also actively involved in the Colonial Army and Greek Life. Thomas oversees the Senate, a group of elected undergraduate and graduate students from each school who make up the legislative body of the SA.

The Senate consists of four committees:

  • The Leadership Committee is led by an elected Chairperson Pro Tempore of the Senate and is composed of the chairperson and vice-chairperson from each of the three primary Senate committees. The Leadership Committee is responsible for filling Senate vacancies including screening Freshman Senator candidates, overseeing any proposed amendments to the SA Bylaws, and keeping the Executive Vice President informed about the activities of the other three committees. Evan Bursey is the current Chairperson Pro Tempore and Leadership Committee Chairperson.

  • The Finance Committee is responsible for allocating and managing $1,200,000 in student fee money that is collected each year. They allocate the money to over 400 student organizations that are registered on campus. The money supports events and operational expenses for the different student organizations. Nate Pasko is the Finance Committee Chairperson.

  • The Academic Affairs Committee is the main academic advocacy group in the SA Senate. They focus their attention on issues surrounding advising, libraries, and all of the other aspects of academic life on campus. Sydney Eskin is the Academic Affairs Committee Chairperson.

  • The Student Life Committee is tasked with advocating for improvements to student life on campus. This includes all on-campus issues outside of the classroom - in the past, the Student Life Committee has worked on projects ranging from improvements to dining to changes to 4-Ride. Logan Malik is the Student Life Committee Chairperson.