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Mental health is just as important as physical health. In that spirit, and with the knowledge that many of us struggle in college, we decided to create a platform for you to speak with student volunteers who are here to help, listen to, and support you. Read more about us.

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We are here if you need someone to talk to. All of our conversations will forever be anonymous.

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GW Voice to get student ideas and feedback

January 22, 2018

We’re excited to announce the relaunch of GW Voice, an online platform for students to petition the Student Association’s Executive Branch. Through GW Voice, students will be able to submit ideas and suggest changes by bringing many members of the GW community into the discussion.

GW Voice is accessible through the Student Association website and is available for all students with a valid GW login. Students who submit a petition must gather 25 signatures for the petition to be added to our website. 500 signatures must be received in order to receive a response from the Student Association.

In relaunching GW Voice, we hope to increase opportunities for students to be involved in impacting change on campus. GW Voice not only serves as a petition tool, but also as a method of communication that shares your experiences with us, allowing us to better advocate for you to the University administration.

Since it’s initial launch in 2016, GW Voice has been enhanced through the work of Director of Information Technology James Harnett. The Student Association would also like to thank the Division of Information Technology and the Office of the General Counsel for their support in making GW Voice accessible to all GW students.

Visit GW Voice today and share your ideas with your community. We can’t wait to support your voice!

Peak Sen Chua